How the Eye Works

At Broadway Vision Center, we believe education is one of our best tools. Your eyes are fascinating and intricate organs that allow you to see the word around you. Dr. Gauerke and the entire staff at Broadway Vision Center want you to share with you how your eyes focus and detect light to create images.

Our optometrist, Dr. Daniel L. Gauerke looks forward to making your next eye exam a pleasant experience. Our optometry clinic in Waupaca, WI provides eye care for the nearby areas of Iola, Amherst, Wild Rose, Weyauwega, and the surrounding locations. We welcome you to contact our office at Broadway Vision Center soon to get your next eye exam and learn how the eye works!

Watch the video to learn how the eye works.

How the Eye Works

Eyes are the organs of vision. Through a complex process, they detect and focus light to create images. Vision begins when light rays are reflected off of an object and enters the eye through the cornea and then pupil. It then passes through the crystalline lens which refracts light to be focused on the retina. By changing shape, the lens functions to change the focal distance of the eye so it can focus on objects at various distances.

When light hits the retina, tiny cells, rods, and cones, capture the light signals and convert them into electrochemical impulses in neurons. Rods communicate the object’s shape by reading black and white and shades of gray. Cones communicate the color of the object. Working together, the rods and cones process the light to create an image by triggering nerve impulses that pass to the image centers in the brain via the optic nerve.