Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses

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We aren't all created equal when it comes to eyewear. Broadway Vision Center offers a large selection of eyewear, eyeglasses and contact lenses to guarantee you will find the combination to suit your individual needs and lifestyle. Choosing the right eyewear is often a challenge. Our professionals will help you select the color, style and shape of your eyeglasses to ensure that they are just right for your eyes.

Broadway_Vision_Center_contactsHighly trained staff are ready to assist you with the selection appropriate for your specific needs. We take the time to discuss how different lens selections and frame styles will impact your vision. We carry designer frames, funky new fashions and old standards.... something for everyone.

Our contact lens technicians can take the confusion out of which lenses are right for your lifestyle. Multi-focal, toric, dailies, monthly lenses, colors and RGP's....let us help you discover your personal favorites.

We welcome new clients and all our current patients to visit us with their current prescription. Just drop by, no need for an appointment and let us help you 'see' the new you!

  • EyeGlass Guide: Visit our interactive on-line tool and we'll guide you through a series of questions about you, your lifestyle and your specific eyewear needs to help you choose the eyeglasses that are right for you!
  • Frame Lines: Our frame lines are selected, not for their "designer" appeal, but for fashion as well as durable construction.  All frames have a one or two year manufacturer warranty against defects in parts or finish (frames usually fail at poorly designed stress points).  And, our exclusive pro-rated warranty for replacement for loss or accidental breakage allows you to replace your lenses or glasses for less than current replacement costs.
  • Sunglasses: We offer a wide variety of prescription and non-prescription for all purposes.
  • Multifocal Eyeglass Lenses: Recommended when you require correction for both near and distance viewing areas in one single pair of glasses.  Available as no-line progressives, bifocals and trifocals.
  • Single Vision Eyeglass Lenses: This all purpose lens is available in all materials and provides vision correction for one viewing area.  The corrected area can be for far distance or near distance.
  • Sunwear Lenses: Enhanced sunwear for enhanced performance
  • Task Specific Lenses: Reading Music, drafting,  or working at your computer.
  • Safety Glasses: We help you with getting the saftey eyeglasses you need, as required at work.
  • Contact Lenses: When considering a contact lens, some of basics to consider are material, wearing time, type of vision correction needed and comfort.
  • Nutrition: Pure and Great Tasting Omega Oils
  • Transitions

In addition to improving your vision, your eyewear impacts your self perception. Just like your clothing fashion, the eye glasses and sunglasses you wear make a statement about who you are. This is why we offer a large variety of styles, designers and shapes; to suit your eyesight, your image and your wallet.

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